How to Pronounce Pecan?

Posted by Stan Copeland on May 11th 2021

How to Pronounce Pecan?

Puh-Khan or PEE-can? How do you really pronounce pecan?

We, at Stillwater Farm Market Store, have read all of the attempts at teaching the proper pronunciation of an American nut that we have built our store around. We are convinced that we can teach the world to pronounce correctly this word, that names our primary product. The word is “pecan” and is pronounced puh-khan.

There are those in other parts of the country that will pronounce the name of this—highest vitamin value, lowest in carbs, best for weight loss, super nut—PEE-can. There are folks north of the Mason Dixon line, where pecans are rare, as well as with some cousins in the deep south, where pecan trees are nearly as thick as the pines, who pronounce the word with a long drawn out “P”, and a plain and simple “can”. But that's not how you pronounce pecans.

So how do you pronounce pecan?

Desiring we all get on the same page, at least as far at this near perfect nut is concerned, a lesson that should change your mindset is in order. Let’s go back to old French polite society, before there was indoor plumbing in homes, a receptacle beside the bedside was a “pot de chambre”. The French “chambre” is the same as the English word, "chamber", and both are older terms for a bedroom. The chamber pot was also known as a jordan, a jerry, a potty, and a thunder mug. We know, that last one makes us laugh too.

A hundred years ago in East Texas our Great Grandmas and Great Grandpas had another less refined name for such an important bedside feature. It saved many a person on a winter night a cold walk to the outhouse. The name was “slop jar”, and it was like a bed pan toilet before indoor plumbing brought about much needed improvements. The slop jar was also known by other names, slop basin, slop pail, or pee can. Did you get it—pee can?

Puh-Khan - How to pronounce pecan?

Finally, these are puh-khans—pecans.

Pee-Can - How to pronounce pecan?

This is a PEE can.

Now that you know how to properly pronounce pecan when your friends and family ask for pee-cans for the holidays make sure they know the difference so they're not surprised when they find a slop jar under the tree!

When you call the store, or go on our website to order pecans, no matter what you call these delightful nuts, we are here to serve you.