Visit the Dairy Shop for a good time

Mar 27th 2020

CHANDLER - Sitting on a bar stool at a table in the newly renovated and designed Stillwater Farm Dairy Shop, one's imagination jolts back to the days when soda fountains were common place, and shared space with the local pharmacy. 

Soda jerks, as the employees were called, wore fancy shirts and ties and aprons, and fixed scoops of delicious ice cream in cones and cups, or made a malt - whatever one would fancy. 

Music would be playing on the jukebox or on the old transistor radio on a counter. Kids would meet there after school and on Saturdays.

It was a good time to be had by all.

Which is exactly what is happening at the Stillwater Farm Dairy Shop. With a multitude of flavors of homemade ice cream, color decor, an Old Pepsi machine and employees who are always smiling, once can feel good about stopping in at the Dairy Shop.

It is located at 109 W. Main Street in Chandler, and the hours are Monday-Thursday, 10am-6pm and Friday-Saturday, 10am-7pm.